“University proceedings. Volga region. Physical and mathematical sciences” №1, 2007 Contents

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A.I.Dolgarev, I.A.Dolgarev 

Qualitative criteria for curves and surfaces of three-dimensional odular Galilean spaces. 2. Criteria for surfaces.



On the safety of patterns in the basic set {X1V…vXK, X1&…&XK, ¬X} with one-type constant malfunction at the item entry



The development of Lyapunov-Razumikhin function method for nonautonomous discrete systems with unrestricted delay


Ju.G.Smirnov, I.A.Rodionova

Reduction of vector electromagnet diffraction problem in connected through a hole screen layers to two scalar problems for Helmholtz equation



Application of iteration process of contracting mapping for solving nonlinear problem of eigenwaves of cylindrical waveguide in initial approximation



O.V.Kondakov, K.G.Ivanov,
Ju.I.Prokofyev, N.I.Zhavoronkov

Magnetic field influence on relaxation time in bismuth during band-to-band transition at Landau levels


V.M.Zhuravlev, A.V. Patrushev

Self-gravitating dust disk dynamics in weakly nonlinear mode


D.O.Filatov, M.V.Kruglova,
M.A.Isakov, S.V.Siprova,
V.G.Shengurov, S.P.Svetlov,
V.Ju.Chalkov, E.V.Chuprunov

Research on morphology dependence from growth conditions of self-forming nanoclusters GESI/Si received with the help of sublimate molecular-based epitaxy in GEH4 medium method


S.S.Guskov, M.A.Faddeev,

Growth simulation of a two-component crystal with layered impurity distribution


D.A.Savelyev, D.A.Antonov,
D.O.Filatov, E.S.Demidov,
D.M.Druzhnov, S.V.Tikhov,
A.V.Zenkevich, Ju.Ju.Lebedinsky,

Membrane NIXSI1–X and HFXSI1–X on the base surface HFO2/Si and SIO2/Si electrophysical properties


O.N.Gadomsky, Ju.Ja.Haritonov

Quantum information coherent transmission effect in two cubits system


V.D.Krevchik, A.V.Razumov,
V.V.Evstifeev, L.N.Tumanova,

Optical properties of disc-shaped quantum points with D- -centres


V.D.Krevchik, A.B.Grunin,
S.E.Igoshina, V.V.Evstifeev,

Characteristic features of quantum-sized Stark effect in the spectra of Q0D structure impurity absorprion


V.D.Krevchik, E.N.Kalinin,
S.V.Jashin, S.E.Igoshina

Semiconductor quantum well with D- centre electro optics



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